New Leaf Marketplace is the workforce development site of the justice enterprise division of the Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program. New Leaf Justice Enterprises prevents sexual/relational violence and substance misuse by providing economic support, housing, and supportive services to individuals/families from Southeast Ohio that have been impacted by trauma and/or substance misuse.
To be located at on High Street in Glouster and Richland Ave. in Athens
Opening Fall 2022
New Leaf Marketplace - Glouster 
New Leaf Marketplace - Athens
Located at 31 Public Square Nelsonville and featuring Dirty Girl Coffee, Perry's Ice Cream, and healthy grab-n-go food items.
Now Open!
New Leaf Marketplace - Nelsonville
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Community support and services
Residents are welcomed into a community of recovery and support. Residents receive case management services (e.g. transportation, child care, recovery services. etc.) to make sure they have all the support they need to be successful. 
New Leaf residents are provided with free housing for up to 2 years. Most residents will reside in individual units with their families, but residents without families might cohabitate with another New Leaf resident. 
Housing solution for up to 2 years
New Leaf is a new beginning for survivors of trauma and substance misuse
New Leaf is more than a marketplace.
At New Leaf, we understand that experiencing trauma and substance misuse uproots survivors from their community and support networks. New Leaf works to reestablish these connections so our clients can thrive and break the reinforcing cycle of trauma, substance misuse, and incarceration. 
New Leaf residents earn living wage employment by working in the New Leaf Marketplace, producing wares for sale, and/or engaging in workforce development or job training. 
Living Wage Employment/Job Training